NaNoWriMo Check-in #2

Hello Wrimos! It’s the end of the second week of NaNoWriMo and for those of us writing 2,000 words a day faithfully, we should have 26 THOUSAND words today! Even if you are not quite at the 26k mark, everything will be okay; there are write-ins everywhere!

Make sure to check your NaNoWriMo Region Page for updates and events.

New Hampshire


Half of the month will be over tomorrow, but don’t be frightened! For those of you in the Portsmouth area there is a write-in at Barnes and Noble in Newington, NH at 6:00 PM. I’d suggest getting there early, even in the morning, to secure a seat near an outlet. Perhaps bring a power strip and share that outlet!

If solitary writing is more your thing, get to the Portsmouth Public Library any day of the week and find a nice, cozy spot to write. You can choose to write in the (hopefully) sunny café, with a great view of the courtyard, and you’ll be at an amazing people-watching location. Or you could head upstairs to a quieter environment. We have free-wifi and you can bring coffee and a snack into the café!

Don’t forget the “Getting into Print” seminar at the library on November 19th!

HAPPY WRITING! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (And in case you aren’t reading your Pep Talks, at least check out Patrick Rothfuss’ blog post about losing the 2011 NaNoWriMo challenge. It’s great.)



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