Great Free Audiobooks- you can keep!

Most of our blogosphere readers already know about the downloadable ebooks and audiobooks you can borrow through New Hampshire Overdrive. But here’s a new twist- audiobooks you can keep. (NO pesky auto-return for these!) Each week throughout the summer AudioSync is giving away a freImagee pair of audiobooks. Audiosync does a brilliant job of pairing up a current teen title with a classic author- from Sophocles to Lucy Maud Montgomery. This week, for example, I am several morning-walk-miles deep into the breath-taking suspense of James Patterson and Max Paetero’s Confessions of a Murder Suspect which is paired with Agatha Christie’s Murder at the Vicarage. Even if mysteries are not your cup of tea, there truly is something for everyone- science fiction, memoir, non-fiction, realistic fiction etc. The only catch is that you need to be able to download Overdrive MediaConsole which is the same program you are already using to download your ebooks and audiobooks.   confessions

To see a complete listing of this summer’s offerings and start your downloading visit: If you enjoy a good audiobook it is definitely worth a try!

Happy Listening!   ~Mollie


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