NaNoWriMo Check-in #2 (2014)

We have reached the end of Week 2 of NaNoWriMo, and you should have 23,338 words at the end of today. There is one more full week before Thanksgiving prep, celebrations, and cleanup. How will you find the time to write? Here is an excerpt from a blog post about NaNoWriMo that I find exceptionally helpful:

“4. November really is a terrible month for this.

Oh, November, you so crazy. Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving. In-laws showing up and lingering around like a herpes flare-up. November is a month full of distractions, obligations, and easy excuses for giving up on Nanowrimo. But here’s the thing: so are the other twelve months of the year. After all, after Thanksgiving comes Christmas, and then New Year’s, and then you’ve got spring cleaning, and who wants to sit cooped up all summer hunched over a laptop, and suddenly, oops, it’s November again.

Writers love to wait for that moment when they’ve just slept for ten hours, the kids are at the neighbor’s house, the boss just gave them the week off, the world’s most delicious cup of coffee magically brewed itself, the Internet stopped working, and the Muse has descended from on high to whale them in the back of the skull with the wiffle-ball-bat of inspiration. If you’re lucky, a day like that comes about once a year. You can’t count on it. Writing through inconvenience is something you have to learn to do, and November’s as good a time as any.”

SurlyMuse‘s 13 Ugly Truths about NaNoWriMo

With that said, don’t forget to check the NaNoWriMo Forums if you get stuck. Discuss your plot with friends or writing buddies. But most of all, keep writing.

The Portsmouth library is holding a 5K Write-In where we encourage you to write 5 thousand words in 4 hours. We will provide snacks and caffeine! The event is from 1-5 this Sunday, the 16th, in the Hilton Garden Room.

Until then:

A Comic with a NaNo-worthy book title in the second strip!

by Kate Beaton
by Kate Beaton

NaNo Advice w/ Cat Pics

My Tried-and-True word-sprint helper.

Good luck!


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