NaNoWriMo Check-In #3 – Better late than never. (2014)

Hi Wrimos! So, last week was kind of hectic for me. My laptop broke (thankfully I backed-up my novel!) and I had to replace it, so I went a few days writing by hand and a few more days not writing at all. By now, a respectable word count is around 40K. I’m certainly not there yet, but perhaps some 5Ks would be beneficial. Speaking of 5Ks, on Sunday the 16th we held a write-in at the library. I want to thank everyone who came! We had a very quiet, productive group. I wrote about 3.5K and that was between co-hosting the event and making sure everyone had everything they needed.

At this point in the month it’s time to think about whether or not it is likely you will finish on time. If you don’t see yourself surpassing 50K by the 30th, it’s okay! Just keep writing daily and you WILL finish. And that’s all that really matters. However, if you DO finish, you will be rewarded in a different way. NaNoWriMo will send you a badge of completion, and if you bring that badge to the NaNoWriMo Wrap Party at Portsmouth Book and Bar on Thursday, Dec 4th, you can get a free drink! 2012’s badge looked like this:

winner nanowrimo

I would like to wish all of you writers (and readers) a Happy Thanksgiving, and can tell you that if you had written 2000 words a day, you could have taken tomorrow off. You could have an entire day of turkey, ham, lamb, tofurkey, or broccoli and then take a nap. I guess you could still do that, but if you are like me and have a lot of work to do, you might spend a few hours in writer-mode.

Good luck, and remember, the library will be closed tomorrow and Friday! We are open bright and early (9:00 am) on Saturday!

Here are some fun food links related to writers and writing!

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Also a really cool article about a cookbook ghostwriter from 2012.

And Saveur magazine’s most well-written food blog.



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