Mix Messages – One Foot in Front of the Other Mix

Girls Wonder fullWonder Floyd

My sisters and I played Wonder Woman when we were kids. We ran around in Wonder Woman underoos, deflecting make-believe bullets with our wrist cuffs crafted from aluminum foil. The Bad Guys didn’t stand a chance against our armbands, lassos of truth, and invisible jets. Neither did the furniture.  Something about those cuffs made us feel unstoppable.

Though the cuffs can’t deflect the tragedies, heartbreaks, and curveballs that appear in adult life, I have sent friends aluminum foil bands during some hard times, and my sister has sent them to me. The cuffs don’t repel bullets, but they can strengthen resolve. And they serve as a reminder that we aren’t going it alone.

I wanted to make a mix for people who could use a musical version of wrist cuffs. For folks who are experiencing a hitch, a hardship, or who need to get their bounce back. A soundtrack to help put one foot in front of the other.

Many of these songs are poppy, but that can be what a person needs when belting out lyrics in the car. Sorry, folks on the highway, you might have to cover your ears, but I am a Firework. Hear me Roar.

Click on the song if you’d like to see the video. By clicking on the artist, you’ll see the library’s copy of the CD.

Or, listen to the whole “One Foot in Front of the Other” Playlist on Spotify.

The library is not endorsing Spotify. You can create an account at a free level if you want to give it a try.

Head on (Hold on to your heart) / Man Man

Video/ India.Arie

Brave / Sarah Bareilles

Work that / Mary J. Blige

Inner Ninja / Classified

Best day of my life / American Authors

Roar / Katy Perry

What doesn’t kill you (Stronger) / Kelly Clarkson

Firework / Katy Perry

Shake it off / Taylor Swift (not available on Spotify- but available at the library!)

Titanium / David Guetta

Falling / Haim

My Silver Lining / First Aid Kit

Never gonna let you down / Colbie Caillat

Follow your Arrow / Kacey Musgraves

While driving and singing along to these songs, I realized Wonder Woman’s other accessories could come in handy during tough times. Maybe I’m taking this analogy too far, but I think the Lasso of Truth can be a reminder to stay connected to friends, family, or people who understand you. The Invisible Jet represents self-care: getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthy foods, keeping a gratitude journal, all serving as fuel to keep you going. Even if it’s going to take time before you’re back at cruising altitude.

Cuffed in foil or not, Follow your Arrow, your Inner Ninja, Work That. And please remember that You are a Wonder.

Editor’s note: What a coincidence! The Summer Reading Program theme is Every Hero Has A Story. Kids can find their own inner superhero, too. Check out the whole Summer Calendar.

Mix Messages is written by library assistant Heather Armitage. She enjoys reading fiction and humorous essays, traveling, trying new vegetarian recipes, and dancing in the kitchen. She’s grateful her dog, Floyd, doesn’t judge her moves. If you have suggestions for future Mix Messages, please email her at hearmitage@cityofportsmouth.com.

2 thoughts on “Mix Messages – One Foot in Front of the Other Mix

  1. This is well written and INspiring. Looking forward to a musical cuff link *boost* once I get to work. Thank you, Heather for compiling #WonderTracks!
    Love from Philly,

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