Monthly Link Pack – August 2015


– The British Library has released over a million public domain illustrations on Flickr.  I particularly like the Children’s Book Illustration album, and the Valentine’s Day album. via Quartz

– The pages of this book can be used to filter water.  Also via Quartz

– If you have a graphic novel reader in your house you might appreciate this article. Why Digital Comics Are Great For Kids, Plus 5 Ways To Discover And Read Them . Should the library add a digital comics service? Would you use it?

– This is what you get when you type in the search term “library” in Kickstarter.  I particularly like the library of things project in the UK. It will give people access to useful items, so they don’t need to buy them. 

– The Denver Public Library has a little mobile library that can be carted around with a bicycle. I think the Portsmouth Public Library should have one too, don’t you? We could offer cook books at the farmer’s market and fiction titles are Prescott Park. What other services should the library offer that we don’t already? Let us know in the comments section.

This article has lots of GREAT advice on how to maintain an engaging Instagram account for public libraries. via Tech Republic

– What do you think about libraries printing books on demand? The Espresso Book Machine makes it possible for individuals to print self-published books as well as books in the public domain. To learn more check out this article → With 10,699 books printed, Windsor library’s self-publishing machine is a hit 

– Do you read on your phone? I find myself doing it more and more. Apparently, I’m not alone. There is a rise in phone reading and it is affecting how books are being published. via Library Stuff.  You can read the full article on the Wall Street Journal website.

– This love letter to libraries by The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson) is really touching. Jenny’s latest book, Furiously Happy, was chosen as one of the 10 LibraryReads for September. We have it on order in audio-book form. You can place a hold here.

– Last but not least — something completely different.

– SNAPSHOT of the 5 Most Popular Adult Books at PPL right now

1. Go set a watchman : a novel / Harper Lee.

2. Circling the sun : a novel / Paula McLain.

3. Modern romance / Aziz Ansari.

4. All the light we cannot see : a novel / Anthony Doerr.

5. The Blue Zones solution : eating and living like the world’s healthiest people / Dan Buettner.


The Monthly Link Pack is a blog series curated by Jennifer Moore, library clerk, maker, and sustainable style blogger. If you have a suggestion for something that should be included in a future blog post, email her at

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