From the Director’s Pocket: October 2015

What’s New at the Library: Wireless and Remote Printing with PrinterOn

Wireless and Remote PrintingYou can now print wirelessly to a library printer from a laptop and/or a mobile device in two different ways:

  1. Using your web browser, go to and follow the instructions to print a document, image file or webpage.
  2. Download the free PrinterOn app (for iPhone and Android) onto your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to do the same.

What’s also great is that from this website, you can now print to a library printer from offsite! Meaning anywhere in the world as long as it has Internet access. So you could be at home on your regular computer (with a wireless or wired Internet connect) and send a print job to the library. Then come to the library, pay for it and pick it up!

What Downloadable eBook I’m Reading

Teach A Woman To FishTeach a Woman to Fish: Overcoming Poverty Around the Globe by Ritu Sharma. I am thrilled to share with you that Ms. Sharma will be speaking at the library this Thursday, October 15th at 7pm as part of the “World Affairs at the Library” Series.

Sharma is a leading voice on international women’s issues and U.S. foreign policy. Due in large part to Ms. Sharma and Women Thrive Worldwide, the interests of women living in poverty worldwide are now being incorporated into U.S. economic assistance and trade policies and, in some cases, into U.S. law itself.

We own one copy of her print book and have ordered three more copies. We also bought one copy of the downloadable ebook through our OverDrive Advantage service, and we have loaded a copy of the ebook onto one of the library’s Kindles that you can borrow, so start reading now!

What’s in the Works at the Library: Coder Dojo

Coder DojoCoder Dojo is a global network of free computer programming clubs for young people, and we at the Portsmouth Public Library are in the planning stages of creating our own regional Coder Dojo. With the help of numerous technical mentors and other volunteers, we hope to provide a community space for youth ages 7-17 to learn all sorts of coding skills and languages, ranging from Scratch to Python to Javascript. It will take contributions of time and expertise from many, but we are optimistic about finding the right people in our community to make this possible.

So if you would like to help with this effort either as a advisory board member, a technical mentor and instructor, or general volunteer, please contact me right away at or give me a call at 603-766-1710. Also, if you can refer me to others who you think might be a good resource, send me their contact information as well! Together we can do this!

What Great Movie I Watched Recently

Two LivesTwo Lives. This 2012 German film explores the history of the Lebensborn or war children, born in Norway and raised in Germany, and their occasional complex ties to the twisted world of espionage. I highly recommend it both for its high drama and fascinating history. Read the New York Times review. Then place a hold on the library’s copy.

What I am Reading in Print These Days

 What Music I am Listening To

  • Phish’s latest album, Fuego.
  • Pearl Jam’s classic album, Vitalogy.

Speaking of music, would you like the library to offer a streaming music service or are you content with what you use already? Send your comments to

SteveFrom the Director’s Pocket is a blog series curated by Steve Butzel, Portsmouth Public Library director, dog lover, Phish (the band) aficionado, nonfiction reader, and natural resource, sustainable energy and international affairs enthusiast. If you have suggestions for something that should be included in a future blog post, email him at

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