Monthly Link Pack – November 2015


– Did you hear the news story about the young woman who read a book during a Trump rally? It caused quite a stir. We have the book she was reading in our collection.

– There is a new podcast in town called The Family Room, hosted by Peter Squires. The purpose of the podcast is to get to know interesting people through honest, non-promotional conversations. Subscribe here. via #PortsmouthLOVE Letter

This children’s book is causing some serious discussion and controversy. We have 3 copies and as I write this they are all checked out. via New York Times.

Mystery Science Theater has a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the show in March 2016. Go read the comments and bathe in the joy.

ScratchReel is pretty cool. You basically get to rewind and play an animated gif. Check it out. Think of the possibilities. via Tech Crunch

– Do you need a bibliotherapist? Would a prescription of books make you feel better? Read more here. via New Yorker

The Casual Optimist is a blog about books, book design, book culture and publishing. It’s pretty hip. I think you’d like it.

– Neat idea — Flint Public Library teams with barbershop for ‘Read While You Wait’ program. Should we have a mini library outpost somewhere in the city?

– So you know that you can post a poll on Twitter now, right?

– Apropos of Nothing — I really love this video.

– SNAPSHOT of the 5 Most Popular Adult Books at PPL right now

1. Rogue lawyer / John Grisham.

2. The witches : Salem, 1692 / Stacy Schiff.

3. The crossing : a novel / Michael Connelly.

4. After you / Jojo Moyes.

5. The Japanese lover : a novel / Isabel Allende.


The Monthly Link Pack is a blog series curated by Jennifer Moore, library clerk, maker, and sustainable style blogger. If you have a suggestion for something that should be included in a future blog post, email her at

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