Life With Preschoolers: Make a Big Impact Doing Small Things

October 18, 2015
A Literacy Challenge from October

If you haven’t been by our Youth Services department in a while, you have missed the launch of a program we are tickled to have started.

Our Literacy Challenge of the Day is an initiative we are hoping will become a part of the daily lives of our young patrons and their families. We are posting the challenges on Facebook at 6 am, every day. Come in to the library and explore what we have to offer, or try it from the comfort of your home.



Nov 6 2015
If you don’t have beans, use rice!  These easy, accessible challenges can inspire creativity.

We understand the daily challenges a caregiver faces.

While the days can be exhilarating and adventurous, they can also be exhausting and shhhhh…..I didn’t say it….monotonous. The Literacy Challenge of the Day is an opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage youngsters in simple and fun activities that expand language development. Each activity can broaden family experiences and early learning through a natural exploration of the world. If you’ve got the time and wherewithal to complete a Literacy Challenge, go for it.  If you just can’t even get socks on (or, more likely, a teeny person in your household is refusing to wear pants), no worries.  Check in with us any day and we will have a challenge waiting for you.


Dec 3 2015
A December Literacy Challenge was motivation to get outside on a cold day.

We’ve turned doing laundry, writing grocery lists, and taking a walk outside into literacy moments for you to share.  What fun to see the everyday, ordinary world through the eyes of a little one!

Please join us in sharing your experiences with the daily challenges.  We would love to hear how you incorporate the challenges into your daily schedule.






MeaghanBlogMeaghan Choisnet is a library assistant in Youth Services. When cheerios are stuck in her hair and she can’t get her preschoolers to stop walking their toiler paper tube puppies (don’t ask), she’s grateful for the Literacy Challenge.  Ideas for future Literacy Challenges?  Email her at


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