We All Need Understanding and Compassion

91sf19ojfLLRain Reign by Ann M. Martin

“If you know one child with autism, you know one child with autism.” This popular saying within the autism community holds true with the character Rose Howard in Rain Reign.

Rose has very specific likes and dislikes. She has habits and behaviors that make her uniquely special – as we all do, but Rose’s behaviors are more pronounced. Unfortunately, there are people in her world who find her uniqueness difficult rather than endearing, adding an uncalled for amount of stress to Rose’s life.

Although Rose lives with her father, she depends heavily on her uncle, who is endlessly patient and supportive. On her own most afternoons and evenings, Rose depends on the companionship of her dog and best friend, Rain. When a hurricane strikes their town, Rose’s beloved dog is lost. As she deals with the situation, the reader cannot help but love and respect Rose, who holds the adults in her life to a standard much higher than is their norm.

LisaBlogThis Youth book review was brought to you by Lisa Q. Harling. When not conducting Story Times or reading the best that kids’ authors have to offer, Lisa enjoys playing with her dogs and keeping up with her two adventurous sons. If you have suggestions for future book reviews, email her at lqharling@cityofportsmouth.com.


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