Science Comics: Bats

51DP2uHl1lL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgScience Comics. Bats: Learning to Fly
(First Second, 2017) by Falynn Koch

Bats are often thought of as scary pests: making nests in attics, flying through open windows, or spreading diseases. The reality is that bats are an important part of our lives whether we realize it or not.

In this volume of First Second’s Science Comics series, Falynn Koch shows us why we should appreciate bats. Although it was written for children, this comic is far from kids-only. Easy to process information is relayed to the reader through the comic-form story of Little Brown Bat, who makes a journey from her home to a vet clinic when she is injured by a tourist. While at the clinic, she meets other types of bats who share their experiences. We learn about how different bat species can be, the dangers bats face, and also about humans who care about bats.


We also learn about the benefits of bats, bat behavior, and how to keep bats safe. For example, you should never go into caves where bats live: “Not only do humans disturb sleeping bats when they enter their roosts, many humans carry disease and funguses from other caves on their hiking boots.” This is how white-nose syndrome is spread. If you follow nature news you probably already know about the devastating consequences of this fungus to bat populations. Luckily, new research at UNH is showing that some bats may be developing a resistance to this fungus.

One thing to take away from this comic is that we shouldn’t be scared of bats. In fact, most bats in New England eat the things we should really be scared of: mosquitoes! A single bat can eat thousands of mosquitoes a night. Falynn Koch did a fantastic job illustrating with words and pictures the wonderful world of bats. Be sure to check out her website and see her other amazing drawings!

If you want to learn more about bats, here are some books in our collection at Portsmouth Public Library:

For Kids:

The case of the vanishing little brown bats : a scientific mystery

Bats – A Fly-Guy book! 

A place for bats

For Adults:

The secret lives of bats : my adventures with the world’s most misunderstood mammals

Bats : a world of science and mystery

Bats of the United States and Canada

America’s neighborhood bats

The Bat House Builder’s Handbook 

To learn more about bats and how to help protect them visit these websites:

Organization for Bat Conservation

Bat Conservation International

NH Fish and Game

blogphotoThis post was written by Stacia Oparowski, a library assistant in technical services. She loves bats. If you have a suggestion for a graphic novel she should review please email her at

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