Lucy and Linh

Immigration is tough. High school is tougher.             Being a teenager is definitely a struggle, we all know this. Lucy’s whole life seems like a struggle sometimes. Her father works all day at a factory, while her mother sews illegally in their garage to make money, which has always been tight. Between school work, watching … More Lucy and Linh

Pageants, Fast Food, and Conformity, Oh My!

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy The circumstances of people’s lives are often peppered with ironies. Ironies so starling that they leave us scratching our heads in wonder. Hello Willowdean Dickson. Willowdean has what some might dub a “weight problem” but she is comfortable with her body (mostly).  Her mother is a former Miss Teen Blue Bonnet … More Pageants, Fast Food, and Conformity, Oh My!

Imaginary Friends

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate Fifth grade may be too old to have an imaginary friend, but certainly too young to worry about homelessness. Jackson and his family are not strangers to hard times. When Jackson was in second grade, they lived in their minivan for an entire summer. During that summer, Jackson met Crenshaw, a rather large, … More Imaginary Friends