Meet Gutenberg the 3D Printer!

A few weeks ago we asked our library patrons to help us name our brand new 3D printer. Wow! What a great turnout we had – you all offered up some fantastic monikers for this exciting new machine.

White_buildplate_Rabbit_RepBut as we surveyed the list, the printing team all agreed – it could only be one name. Gutenberg.

Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. Gutenberg, who made information accessible to the people, no matter their social status or wealth. It may even be said that the library wouldn’t exist without him. He embodied the mission we carry on today. He changed the world.


Plus, we can call the printer Gute (pronounced GOOT) for short!


Uh, no. But close enough.

We want to acknowledge all the AMAZING suggestions. In no particular order, the other entries:

  • The Copycat
  • PAM (Printing And Making)
  • PAC (Printing And Creating)
  • Ditto
  • Echo
  • Scotty (As in, Beam Me Up!)
  • Philip the Fantastic MakerBot
  • Bob the Builder
  • Magic Maker
  • Robot
  • Angela
  • Printalina
  • SusanBot 3.0
  • The Cool-Plastic-Thing-Maker-Inator
  • Monster Printer
  • Printer-Bot
  • Fembots from Austin Powers
  • Imagination Creator
  • Art Bot
  • Harry Potter
  • The Printinator
  • The People Replacer
  • Floyd
  • Demmi
  • Jeff
  • Daedalus
  • D’Amazing Box

You can see that it was no easy choice! But a big congratulations to the winner, Maureen, who’ll have $5 in free printing, beginning April 1.

Confused about the whole printing thing? Visit our website for guidelines and recent prints. We’ll also be printing LIVE in the lobby or youth services once a week. Just visit our Facebook Events page to find out when!

auryntransparentbonsaiplantertransparentbirdskulltransparentantlerbunnytransparent nautilustransparenttentaclestandtransparentphoneholdertransparent        coinholdertransparent

Any questions? Email us at

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