Practical Magic: Double Rainbow

Ahh, October.  The air is crisp, the leaves they are a-changing, and we look back longingly at the warmth of summer and terrific events like the Dover Mini Maker Faire.

We had so much fun working on our community weaving project that we started at the How-To Fest over the summer; drawing with invisible ink thanks to our awesome Youth Services Department; and–obviously–using sharpies to color white filament for Gutenberg!  Coloring plain old filament can magically turn a boring print into a rainbow masterpiece and you guys helped us do just that.  Max and Albert, welcome to the library:

PracMag Colored

Thank you to all the kids (and kids at heart) who helped us color so much filament and make so many rainbows that we were able to print two chameleons, one on trusty Gute, and the second on–drumroll please!–our new FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer, which we have named Ada.

Ada Lovelace, namesake of our new printer, has come to be known as the mother of modern computing.   She was quite the lady–literally, she was a Countess–as a mathematician and self-described “Analyst and Metaphysician”, and as the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, she was an eloquent writer as well.  In the mid-1800s she worked closely with Charles Babbage on his Analytical Engine, which would set the stage for the computers we have come to know today.  Learn more about this radical woman at the library!

PracMag Ada Intro

Keep an eye out for Ada when we announce our 3D design programs at the library later this fall!

Join us for one of our upcoming demos to watch Gute in action:
Thursday             10/1           2:00pm
Tuesday               10/6           5:30pm
Wednesday         10/14         2:00pm
Thursday             10/22         2:00pm
Friday                   10/30         3:30pm

Check our Facebook events or our calendar for updates.


Gutenberg enjoys humming, getting crafty, and causing mischief around the library. Ada enjoys reading up on the latest 3D printing technology and researching tips and tricks to make life easier. Gute and Ada’s people enjoy tinkering, making, and discovering ingenious solutions to everyday problems. If you have questions or suggestions for future Practical Magic posts, please feel free to email us at

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