Practical Magic: Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of hot coco, snowflakes, candles, snowmen and absurdly early sunsets.  To keep your spirits up and offer a little gift inspo, here are a few of our very favorite wintertime 3D prints—submit a request by December 16th and have your prints in time for Christmas and Hanukkah!

Snowflake by jonmonaghan – The two slitted flakes fit together for a neat 3D ornament or window decoration.

The Snowflake Machine by mathgrrl – If you’re a little more math-minded (or want to talk tessellation with the kiddos) you can customize your own flakes.

Winter Woodland Cookie Cutters by pongo – Print one, print a few, get your woodland party on.  *Do note though, we print with PLA, which should definitely not be put in the dishwasher.

Menorahsaurus by moozicmon – Yes, it is a T-Rex menorah, need we say more?

Christmas Tree by kowomike – Print theirs or customize your own.

Vegetarian Wishbone by custom3dstuff – For the vegan/vegetarian on your gift list who likes to participate in weird family traditions.

Christmas Tree Lights by alzibiff – Print a few, pop in battery powered tea lights, enjoy.

Dancing Snowman Ornament by someandy – Get your groove on with this frosty friend.

Dreidel by zydac – I have a little dreidel / I made it out of PLA / When it’s printed and ready / Oh dreidel, I shall play!

Pine Cone by faberdasher – Sprinkle a few of these on the table to make your woodland cookies feel right at home.

Check our events calendar and computer class schedule for updates on 3D printing demos!

Gutenberg enjoys humming, getting crafty, and causing mischief around the library. Ada enjoys reading up on the latest 3D printing technology and researching tips and tricks to make life easier. Gute and Ada’s people enjoy tinkering, making, and discovering ingenious solutions to everyday problems. If you have questions or suggestions for future Practical Magic posts, please feel free to email us at

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