Practical Magic: Winter is Coming

While there isn’t exactly the bite in the air that we’ve come to expect from mid-December, and while there might not be a flake in sight (yet), winter is surely on its merry way.  The trauma of last February probably hasn’t worn off yet, so instead of lamenting the impending frigidity, we have decided to embrace the motto of House Stark and offer up a suite of sweet wintery prints—check out our collection on Thingiverse for even more.

First up, if you just want to throw some serious shade on Old Man Winter, MakerBot’s own Snow Shades are an absolute fashion necessity.  No actual UV protection, but you’ll be shining so bright in these, the sun will need youglasses.  Bonus, they’re a pretty quick and simple print and the pieces snap together, no screws or glue required.

Snow Shades

Rather bring the outdoors inside?  This snowflake mobile, again from the crafty folks at MakerBot, is just the ticket for the wintery feel without all the cold, slush, snow, cold, sleet, cold and cold.  Just print the snowflakes for a chilly window display, or print the branch hanger too and hang them anywhere you need a little festive pop. Either way, prepare for a flurry of compliments on your excellent style.

Snowflake Mobile

If you’re truly an indoor cat at heart, two of my favorite snuggly prints are these adorable owl bookmarks and this husky little robin wine stopper from faberdasher.  Bonus, the wine stopper prints in separate parts, so you can just get the wee robin and hang it in a sunny window to help you pretend that spring is really just around the bend.

Owl and Robin

Finally, if you’ve got a swanky New Year’s Party to get ready for, try andreashepherd’s voronoi-style bracelet on for size.  A little bit of gold spray paint—which works surprisingly well on the PLA plastic we use—and you’ve got yourself a stunning bit of bling to ring in 2016.


If you’ve got a library card and something you want to get printed, submit it, or check out our website for more information on 3D printing at Portsmouth Public Library.

Check our events calendar for updates on our upcoming printer demos and workshops!


Gutenberg enjoys humming, getting crafty, and causing mischief around the library. Ada enjoys reading up on the latest 3D printing technology and researching tips and tricks to make life easier. Gute and Ada’s people enjoy tinkering, making, and discovering ingenious solutions to everyday problems. If you have questions or suggestions for future Practical Magic posts, please feel free to email us at

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